Partial Payment Plugin

Pay a part of the order’s total amount at the time of reception base on customer role.

Partial Payment Plugin

for nopcommerce
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HyperNop Partial Payment plugin will give the store owner the ability to define an option for paying a part of the order’s total amount at the time of the checkout based on customer role. The rest of the payment will be received at the time of reception. The store owner set a base price for this option for the desired customer role so if the price of an order riches or exceeds the defined amount, the partial payment method would become visible for the customers with the selected role.

The partial payment would be a percentage of the total price.

Using this plugin will give the customer the option of paying in two installments, which in exchange increases the flexibility of the store and therefore improves the customer experience.

Suitable for orders with high amount.
Plugin resources can be modified by store owner (localization).

You can ask for customization to the plugin using contact us page.

Developed by HyperNop


1. The ability to set a minimum price for orders so the partial payment option would be available only after the order's total amount rich or pass that set amount.

2.The ability to define partial payment plans for specific customer roles.

3. The ability to make the partial payment a percentage of the original price.

4. The ability to set two installment payments.

5. Includes trial version (trial version is only available for nopCommerce version 4.00).


  • Supported versions 4.00, 4.10 and 4.20
  • Multi-Domain Support
  • Made With Responsive Design in Mind
  • Plugin Customization According to Customer's Request
  • Works With All of the Well Known Themes
  • Upload, Install, Ready to Go!


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