Limit Vendors to Stores Plugin

Limit the vendor’s access to specified stores.

Limit Vendors to Stores Plugin

for nopcommerce
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HyperNop Limit Vendors to Stores Plugin Allow the store owner to specify which vendor can login to which stores. Multi-store and multi-vendor are two of the most important features of the nopCommerce platform. With these features, the store owner has the ability to create an unlimited number of stores and stores can have an unlimited number of vendors.

If the store owner is using the multi-store feature and managing multiple stores from the same panel and if a user applies for a vendor account, in the event of the vendor’s account acceptance, the vendor would be able to access and create new products and/or edit old products on every store regardless of which store the vendor has registered on.

This plugin will give the store owner the ability to limit the access of vendors to desired stores.After limiting the access the vendor would not be able to login or enter the admin panel of other stores unless the store owner decides so.

Useful for stores which use both multi-store and multi-vendor features.

Plugin resources can be modified by store owner (localization).

You can ask for customization to the plugin using contact us page.

Developed by HyperNop


1.The ability to limit the access of vendors to stores.

2.The ability to use both multi-store and multi-vendor at the same time with ease of mind.


  • Supported versions 4.00, 4.10 and 4.20
  • Multi-Domain Support
  • Made With Responsive Design in Mind
  • Plugin Customization According to Customer's Request
  • Works With All of the Well Known Themes
  • Upload, Install, Ready to Go!

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