Partial Payment Plugin Guide

“Partial Payment Plugin” would allow the store owner to define a new payment method for specified customers. With this payment method, the specified customer(s) would have the option to pay a partial part of the total amount (depending on the percentage amount set by the admin) at time of the checkout and the remaining of the total amount at the time of the order reception (delivery). The following is a quick guide for the plugin.

After installing the plugin, use the “configure” button or the “widget” menu to configure and define the partial payment plans for customer roles.

Define Partial Plans

Here the store owner can defines for which roles the partial payment option would be available to choose from. Also, the store owner can define the “Percentage of payment” and “Over the amount” of fields for each customer role. The “Percentage of payment” would define what percentage of the order’s total amount would be paid at the time of checkout for the selected customer. The “Over the amount” filed would define the order’s total amount should be over the defined amount so the partial payment would be available for the selected customer role. Any customer role which has not been enabled in this page would not get the option for the partial payment.

As a customer with the right customer role, the option for partial payment would be available at the “Payment Method” stage of the checkout process. After selecting the desired payment method, the customer can choose whether to pay the full amount or the partial amount at the time of the checkout.

Select Payment Method

By choosing the “Partial Payment” option, the customer can review the “Checkout Amount” at the “Payment Information” stage and at the order’s details page after the checkout process.

Payment Information

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