Confirm Vendor’s Products Plugin

Confirming the vendor’s products by admin before it can be published in the store.

Confirm Vendor’s Products Plugin

for nopcommerce
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HyperNop Confirm Vendor’s Products Plugin will help the store owners to keep track of their store’s products. One of the most important features of the nopCommerce is “multi-vendor” feature. With this feature store owners can allow other vendors to sell their products on the store so the store would contain a wide range of products without the need to provide all of the products by on seller.

However, each store has its own standards and the store owners need to make sure that the published products by other vendors match the quality level of their desire. Checking vendor’s products when their numbers are limited would be possible but when the number of the vendors and their products increases, checking these products would need time. This plugin would help the store owners by making sure that no product would be published before the store owners confirmation.

This plugin will ensure the integrity of the products. When a vendor adds a new product or edits one of the older products, this product would not be published until the store owner would check the product. After that, the store owner can publish the product so it can be visible for the customers. All of the newly add or edited products would be shown in a new list so the store owner can easily view the products in need of confirmation.

Plugin resources can be modified by store owner (localization).

You can ask for customization to the plugin using contact us page. Please use this link to view a short tutorial and demo version of this plugin.

Developed by HyperNop


1.The ability to check the product’s info before it is published.

2.Edited products by vendors would not be published until they are confirmed.

3.Adds a new menu item which will display a list of newly add or edited products waiting for confirmation.


  • Supported versions 4.00, 4.10 and 4.20
  • Multi-Domain Support
  • Made With Responsive Design in Mind
  • Plugin Customization According to Customer's Request
  • Works With All of the Well Known Themes
  • Upload, Install, Ready to Go!

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