Confirm Vendor’s Products Plugin Guide

With “Confirm Vendor’s Products Plugin” any product that has been added or edited by the vendors would not be published until they are been confirmed by the store owner.

If a vendor creates a new product or edits an existing product, the product would be marked as an unpublished one in the product’s list. Also, the vendor would be notified about this by a note displayed at the top of the product’s list page.

Vendor Product

Store owner can view a list of products which are awaiting confirmation from the add “confirm products” item to the admin menu. From that list store, the store owner can “Edit” and/or “Check” the products. If the store owner chooses to check a product, then the product will be marked as published and would be visible by the customers. If the store owner chooses to edit the product, they will be redirected to the “Edit product details” so they can view and edit the product’s details.

Admin Confirm Product