Store Wallet Plugin Guide

With “Store Wallet Plugin” the store owner would be able to present their customers with a new option to make purchases. This plugin would allow the customers to buy and save the store’s reward points using real money. The following is a quick guide for the plugin.

After installing the plugin, the store owner should make sure that the store’s reward point system is enabled using the admin panel, the reward point settings. After making sure that the store’s reward point system is enabled, the store owner should also enable the store wallet plugin as well.

In order to use this plugin, the store owner should create new product with the name of “Store Wallet” or any other similar names. Also, the “Customer Enters Price” option for this product should be enabled as well.  After creating this product, the store owner should use this created product’s ID number to fill the “Product Id” field in the Store Wallet plugin’s configuration page.

Config Page

Now, this product could be used to purchase store’s reward points by the customers and charge their accounts. The customer would simply view the created product, enters the number of reward points they wish to purchase and then carry out the rest of the checkout process as usual.

Wallet Product

After purchasing the reward points, the customers would able to view their account’s reward points balance and the history of their reward points purchases in their account information page.

Account Balance