Specification Attribute Grouping-by Plugin Guide

With “Specification Attribute Grouping-by Plugin” store owner would be able to create a taxonomy system for product’s specification attributes. The following is a quick guide for the plugin and at the end is the link for the DEMO VERSION.

Creating the taxonomy and group-by for the product’s specification attributes with this can be a bit confusing at first, this guide would help the store owners to understand the plugin.

After installing the plugin, a new section with the name of “Specification advance” would be available in the admin panel in Catalog menu. In this section, the store owner can Add new specification attributes, view the already existing specification attributes, search specification attributes and edit the already existing specification attributes.


The new taxonomy system requires the store owner to create the specification attributes in a different manner. Once in the “Specification advance” section, the store owner can add a new specification attribute. In the “Add a new specification attribute” section, the store owner should use the “Name” field to fill the name of the specification attribute not the specification attribute type (category). Instead, the store owner should use the “Group Name” field for the specification attribute type (category). After defining the name and the group name and saving the specification attribute, the store owner can define different options for that specification attribute. If the store owner wants to define different specification attribute with the same category, they should use the same “Group Name” for the different specification attributes.


By typing in the “Group Name” field, suggestions from previous entries would be shown to the store owner. The store owner would be able to choose among the suggestion if so they desire.

Group Name Suggestion

After defining the specification attributes, the store owner can use the product’s edit details page to relate the defined specification attribute to the desired products.

The result would be like this:


A demo version of this plugin is available. Please use the “Admin” panel to test every aspect of this plugin. To inspect the demo version please use the link below:

Demo Version

Admin Username: admin@yourstore.com

Admin Password: 123