Product’s Display Order Manager Plugin Guide

With “Product’s Display Order Manager” plugin, the store owner can change the display order of the products in “Category” pages and “Manufactures” pages. The following is a quick guide for the plugin and at the end is the link for the DEMO VERSION.

After installing the plugin, in every product’s edit detail page (admin area) there would be a new tab under the name of “Display Order”. Using this tab a store owner can manage the product’s display order in “Category” pages and “Manufactures” pages.

Product's edit deatails

In this new tab, a list of every Category and Manufacturer that the product is related to would be available. Using this list the store owner can manage the display order of the product for the specified category or manufacturer page.

Product's mapping

product's display order

A demo version of this plugin is available. Please use the information below to enter the admin panel and review the plugins features settings.

Demo Version

Admin Username:

Admin Password: 123