Product Bulk Editor Based on Attributes Plugin Guide

With “Product Bulk Editor Based on Attributes Plugin” the store owner has the ability to view and edit products attributes and their values in one page. This will help the process of bulk editing and save time for store owners. The following is a quick guide for the plugin and at the end is the link for the DEMO VERSION.

After creating a product, the store owner can use the “bulk edit products” page to view the list of all products and their attributes. This page reachable from admin panel > Hyper Nop > Bulk Edit this page the store owner can view and edit product’s details like SKU, Price, Old Price, and etc. Also the product’s attributes details like SKU, GTIN, Overrriden Price and etc can be viewed and edited in this page.

Bulk Edit - Guide

Store owner can add new attributes to a product by selecting the “add a new attribute”.

Bulk edit add new att

Store owner can add a new attribute combination to a product by selecting the “add combination”.

Bulk Edit New Comb

If a product has all the possible attribute combination, all of the combinations would be displayed in the list and their details can be edited as well.

Bulk Edit

A demo version of this plugin is available. Please use the information below to enter the admin panel and review the plugin. Use the “Bulk Editor Based on Attributes Sample” as the product name so you can view a product with attribute combination.

Demo Version

Bulk Edit Link

Admin Username:

Admin Password: 123