Advance Product’s Image Plugin

Change the nopCommerce’s default add image section with a more advanced version.

Advance Product’s Image Plugin

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HyperNop Advance Product’s Image Plugin Will give the store owner the ability to crop the selected image for a product and then upload the image. Making small adjustments to an image every time before selectin then uploading is very time consuming and can be a boring task. Sometimes only a part of the image is important and the store owner would only want to select and upload that part of the image.

After installing this plugin, a new section will be added to the “image” tab of the product’s edit details page. In this section after selecting an image, a preview of the image would be displayed. In that preview panel, the store owner has the ability to zoom in, zoom out, crop, adjust and select the desired part of the image. Since the product’s image box is in the shape of a square, the crop panel can help the store owner to choose a square part of an image which is not in the shape of a square. Also, the crop panel can help the store owner to define the size of the image before uploading that image. After selecting the desired pard the store owner would confirm the image. After confirmation, the image would be uploaded..

This plugin will help the store owner to save time on small editing tasks and prevents the need for using more complicated editing tools for small adjustments.

Plugin resources can be modified by store owner (localization).

You can ask for customization to the plugin using contact us page.

Developed by HyperNop


1.Simple editing features before confirming and uploading the image.

2.The ability to zoom in and zoom out on a specific part of the image.

3.The ability to crop and select a specific part of the image.


  • Supported versions 4.00, 4.10 and 4.20
  • Multi-Domain Support
  • Made With Responsive Design in Mind
  • Plugin Customization According to Customer's Request
  • Works With All of the Well Known Themes
  • Upload, Install, Ready to Go!

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